Q: How do I start the admissions process?

A: The Rose and Alex Pilibos admissions process consists of various steps and forms that need to be completed and submitted online


Q: Can I visit before applying?

A: The best way to become familiar with Pilibos is to attend one of our Admissions Open Houses (when available), engage in a virtual experience, or contact your grade level’s Academic Director to schedule a visit. We encourage and welcome you to become as familiar with the School as much as possible. Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions you may at (323) 668-2661 or email at [email protected].


Q: Do you have to apply in order to attend an open house or tour?

A: No, our school tours and open houses are open to all prospective families, when State and County guidelines allow. We offer private tours on school days throughout the academic year. Please check out the visit our school page for more information.


Q: Where do we park when we visit the school?

A: Parking is available directly across the street on the south side (large Church lot) of St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church of Hollywood. You may also park on surrounding neighborhood streets; however, please take note of parking signs that limit parking on certain days.


Q: When visiting the school where do I check in?

A: All visitors need to sign-in at the front security booth for access onto campus. Visitors then need to go directly to the main office for a visitor's pass and need to sign out and return their passes to security when leaving campus.


Please note, it is important that we implement all State and County COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to ensure the health and safety of our Scholars, Faculty, and Families. Visitors should not visit our campus if they become sick with COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19, are awaiting test results, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed or suspected case, and/or are symptomatic with COVID-19 symptoms. 


Q: What are the school hours?

A: The campus is open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Students need to be on campus no later than 8:10 AM and are dismissed at 3:30 PM. Seniors are dismissed at 2:35 PM during the first semester and at 1:10 PM during the second semester allowing them the opportunity to take community college classes, take part in internships, or to obtain a part-time job.


After school care is available until 5:30 PM daily.


Q: When are applications due?

A: Deadline for registration application is divided into three windows- Early, Standard and Late Registration. Please visit the following link to view the registration windows. The 2022-2023 Academic Year Registration ends on June 3, 2022. 


Q: What happens if an application is late?

A: Most spaces will be filled by students who apply by the Standard deadline of May 02, 2022 or earlier depending on the grade level and availability. Applicants who begin their application process after this date will be placed on a wait list.


Q: If I’m placed on a wait list, what are my next steps?

A: If you are placed on a wait list, we will contact you as soon as there is availability in the grade level for which you applied.


Q: How will I know that my application is complete?

A: Your application is complete once you have submitted all of the required registration forms, interviewed for your grade level and have paid for the registration application. If we see that you are still missing paperwork, we will contact you via email. Please note, a complete application does not guarantee admission.


Q: Is an admissions interview required?

A: Yes, an interview is required for all new applicants to the school. Interviews are scheduled only upon the receipt of a completed admissions application.


Q: When do you release admission decisions?

A: Once all requirements for admissions are met, you will be contacted by the Admissions Office of our decision.  Decisions are made on a rolling basis; however we do start communicating admission decisions closer to Mid-April / Early-May.


If you have been placed on a wait list, we will contact you about the next steps and potential of moving forward with the registration process by late-May / mid-June, or as spaces become available. 


Therefore, any interested family should not hesitate to accept a spot in the Waiting List. They may receive good news later on, when/if spots become available!


Q: How will families be notified of admissions decisions?

A: Families will receive information on admissions decisions via email.


Q: Does Pilibos accept international students?

A: Pilibos does not issue the I-20 form for foreign student study and only enrolls students who intend to complete their secondary education at Pilibos through the 12th grade. We do not offer a program in English as a Second Language (ESL) so all students need to be completely fluent in English for reading, speaking, and composition.


Q:  What if my child is homeschooled?

A:  If your child is homeschooled, you will need to provide recommendations and evaluations from the people working with your child. In addition, include any documentation of the topics of study, textbooks or books used, and an overview of the curriculum.


Q: How much is tuition and registration?

A: Registration is divided into three windows - Early, Standard and Late registration - with corresponding fees. Please click here for more information about tuition & registration.


Q: Do you offer financial aid?

A: Yes. We offer financial aid to qualified applicants. Please refer to the tuition & aid section for further details on our financial aid program and deadlines. Financial aid applications can be downloaded from our website


Q: Do you offer both Eastern and Western Armenian dialects? If so, do I choose what class my child will be in?

A: As you complete the online registration application, one of the questions asks for your preference. If you are unsure which dialect to choose, we recommend you choose the dialect spoken at home and/or among family to help ease the learning curve. If your child has taken Armenian classes prior to attending Pilibos, we recommend continuing with the same dialect.


Q: Does Pilibos offer bus transportation?

A: Yes! We currently offer a bus service to and from Glendale, La Crescenta and Burbank for our 1st-12th grade students. Bus transportation fees will be shared in our 2022-2023 welcome packet. You can find more information about our transportation by clicking here. More routes may soon be available.


Q: Does Pilibos have a lunch program?

A: Yes! Students may bring their own lunch or purchase lunch through the school lunch program. We contract with TotPot to provide daily lunch services to our TK-12th grade students. Their menu focuses on high quality organic ingredients and offers options for various dietary restrictions. Click here for more information regarding our lunch program.


Q:  Is there a uniform or dress code?

A:  Yes. All students in TK to 12th grades are required to be in full uniform. Check the Welcome Packet for full details. On designated free-dress days, appropriate dress is required.


Q:  What kind of curriculum does Pilibos follow?

A:  Pilibos students thrive in the comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum provided. The core curriculum consists of courses in English, mathematics, social studies, science, visual and performing arts, and foreign language. Sixteen Advanced Placement courses and nine honors courses challenge students who can work at an accelerated pace. Our High School curriculum satisfies and exceeds the UC/CSU A-G requirements.


Q:How can I check my child’s grades, attendance, and homework?

A: All student academic and behavioral information is readily available to parents through our Infinite Campus Portal. Once your child is enrolled, you will be instructed on how to set up your parent account. Through the parent portal, parents can contact teachers, look up assignments/ homework, obtain report cards, complete the annual registration application, and more. In addition, Google Classroom is utilized in classes to better communicate, distribute and submit assignments, and stay organized. 


Q:How can we obtain school records (i.e. verifications, transcripts, etc.)?

A:  All verification requests can be made through the online verification request form. Please allow 2-3 day's notice for any transcript or verification requests.


Q:  How can parents get involved?

A:  Parent volunteers are an integral part of the success of our school, both through events and activities. There are three official parent groups - the Parent Support Committee (PSC), Pilibos Athletic Committee (PAC), and Dads' Club. Elementary grades also have class parents that help organize class and grade level communication and fundraising efforts.  From assisting with programs, events, community service, or planning parent socials, there are many ways to volunteer.


Q: How can Alumni get involved? 

A:  There are numerous ways alumni can come back and give back. You can register on our site to be added to the alumni list if you are not already listed. You can volunteer to be a guest speaker, a judge during science fair or senior project presentations, and more. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


Q: What is the birth date cutoff for Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten applicants?

A: Kindergarten applicants must be five years old by September 1 of the year they enter Kindergarten. If applicants turn five years old after September 1, then they enter Transitional Kindergarten. If you have questions about this, please  email the Elementary Academic Director, Lilit Nadjarian, at [email protected].  


Q: Does my child need to participate in an interview, take an assessment, or meet any other stipulations?

A: TK-5th grade applicants need to participate in a family meeting with the Elementary Academic Director and/or other administrators and teachers. The family meeting/interview process allows for us to get to know your child and allows for observation of behaviors, such as cognitive development, attention span, ability to focus, maturity, and positive social interaction.  


The child will also be asked to complete assessments that mirror those given to our current students. The assessments measure both academic achievement (learned classroom knowledge) and aptitude. Once we receive an application for admission, we will contact you to arrange for an interview and testing for your child. 


Q: When will our family meeting take place?

A: Applicant family meetings occur on school days/hours. We work with you to ensure that both parents and the child attend the family meeting. 

In addition, we would like your child to bring with them something from home that is of great interest to them (or a picture representing it) that they can share with us. This could be a book, a piece of artwork, a picture of a family member or pet, a piece of memorabilia, anything at all that is meaningful to them. This allows for the child to share something that they are either proud of or makes them happy and allows for an authentic interaction among all. 


Q: What is the daily schedule for an elementary-schooler?

A: Elementary School is divided into Lower and Upper Elementary.  The schedule for TK-2nd grades, lower elementary school level, consists of eight 40 minute classes a day. The schedule for 3rd-5th grades, upper elementary school level, consists of eight 45 minute classes a day. Both levels have three recesses, one in the morning, a longer lunch break/recess in the afternoon, and an additional recess toward the end of the school day.  


Q: What types of classes will my child take?

A: All elementary students take 5 core classes (Armenian, English, Math, Science, Social Studies) per day along with elective courses, such as, dance, PE, art, computer, music, and more. 


Q: Will my child participate in DBL?

A: Yes. Lower elementary participates in Design Based learning.  DBL is a student initiated and student directed method of learning meant to ignite creativity and develop problem-solving strategies, which integrate creative experiences into all aspects of the curriculum. You can find more information on DBL here


Q: Does Elementary School have a Student Council?

A: Yes. School-wide elections are held at the beginning of the school year. Upper elementary students have the opportunity to run for office positions in their division, such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and VEO (Vice Executive Officer).

Q: What is the daily schedule for a middle-schooler?

A: All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are enrolled in seven class periods a day. Each period runs 50 minutes long. They have one recess in the morning, and a longer recess in the afternoon for lunch. 


Q: What types of classes will my child take?

A: Middle school core classes include English, Armenian, Math, Science and Social Studies. In addition, all middle school students will take part in exciting elective courses such as Theater Arts in grade 6, Creative Writing in grade 7, and Speech, Middle School Academy, and Robotics and Programming in grade 8. All Middle School students also take Design Works, Physical Education, Choir, and Religion. 


Q: How will my child’s learning be assessed throughout the academic year?

A: In preparation for high school, all middle school students will begin taking midterms and final examinations beginning in the 6th grade. Their midterms will assess student learning from the beginning of that academic year until the end of semester 1, which occurs in December. At the end of the school year, students will be assessed on the learning that took place in semester 2 only (between January and June).


Q: Does my child have to volunteer or do any kind of community service?

A: 7th and 8th grade Pilibos students will have the opportunity to commit themselves to 20 hours of community service, in and out of school, by the time they graduate from the 8th grade. They will be provided with a list of age-appropriate organizations from which they can choose to donate their time accordingly. 


Q: What types of competitions will be available for my middle schooler?

A: Some fun, challenging and engaging competitions that 6th, 7th, and 8th graders may participate in are: Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Academic Pentathlon, Poetry Recitation contest, and more.  

Q: Does Pilibos have student clubs? 

A: Yes, a myriad of school clubs are offered for students to participate in throughout the year. Students add new clubs every year as their interests expand and change. Some of the student-led clubs include Humanitarian Club, Publications Club, Environmental Club, STEAM, Armenian Club, Law Club, Art Club, etc. Click here for more information regarding our student clubs.


Q: Does Middle School have a Student Council?

A: Yes. Schoolwide elections are held at the beginning of the school year. Students have the opportunity to run for office positions in their division, such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and VEO (Vice Executive Officer). 


Q: Is there a Math Diagnostic Exam?

A: Yes, all new applicants are required to take a Math Diagnostic Exam.  You can sign up to take the exam here.


Q: Are there any advanced programs for which my child may be considered?

A: Yes. The MAP (Math Advanced Placement) program exists for incoming 7th graders. Based on eligibility requirements detailed by the Math Department, 7th graders have the opportunity to be placed in Algebra I. 


Q: What athletic teams are there at Pilibos?

A: The Pilibos  Middle School Athletics program offers track & field, volleyball, basketball, soccer, table tennis, and chess. Athletes participate in competitions and tournaments with other schools through KAHAM tournaments and the Valley Christian Athletic League. You can find more information here.


Q: Do students go on class trips?

A: Yes, our 6th-8th grade students participate in trips and retreats as a class to further their learning, strengthen their bonds with their classmates, and provide opportunities otherwise not available in a classroom environment.


  • 6th Grade: Sacramento/Fresno Trip
  • 7th Grade: Celp Camp in Catalina Island
  • 8th Grade: Washington DC/NY Trip



Q: Is Pilibos a college preparatory school?

A: Yes, we are a college preparatory institution. Our rigorous college preparatory curriculum is meticulously designed to prepare students for success at top-level universities. Each year, students are required to enroll in five academic classes in the core subject areas of English, Math, Science, History & Armenian, as well as additional supplemental courses.  In addition to the rigorous required curriculum, we also offer 16 AP level courses and 9 Honors courses.


Q: What is the daily schedule?

A: There are seven 50-minute periods a day. All High School grade levels take the five core subjects (Armenian, English, Math, Science and Social Studies) daily. Supplemental/elective courses rotate daily. 


Q: How many AP classes does Pilibos offer in high school?

A: Advanced Placement Courses are offered in the following subjects: 

  • AP Human Geography- 9th Grade
  • AP Psychology - 10th Grade
  • AP World History - 10th Grade 
  • AP Chemistry - 11th Grade 
  • AP Biology - 11th Grade 
  • AP English Language & Composition  - 11th Grade 
  • AP Computer Science & Principles - 11th Grade 
  • AP US History  - 11th Grade 
  • AP English Literature & Composition - 12th Grade 
  • AP Statistics - 12th Grade 
  • AP Calculus AB - 12th Grade 
  • AP Calculus BC - 12th Grade
  • AP Environmental Science - 12th Grade 
  • AP Physics I - 12th Grade 
  • AP Government & Politics United States- 12th Grade 
  • AP Studio Art - 12th Grade 


One AP course is offered to 9th grade students.

Two  AP Courses are offered to 10th grade students.

Five AP Courses are offered to 11th grade students.

Seven AP Courses are offered to 12th grade students.


Q: How many AP classes are students allowed to take?

A: Students are allowed to take any of the grade specific AP courses (1 per discipline). However, students are encouraged to be selective in choosing which APs they enroll in and not take rigorous courses if they are not able to commit the time and energy needed for each.  We also require students to take placement exams before they are allowed to participate in a class.


Q: How can I take an AP class?

A: AP Placement Exams are only required for high school students who wish to take an AP course. All students must register for the exams online. AP placement tests will have corresponding study packets available on our website. 


Enrollment in all AP and Honors courses are subject to the approval of the sponsoring department and student performance on a diagnostic exam for each subject.


Q: Does Pilibos offer Honors courses?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of honors courses in high school. Honors classes offer greater range and depth of subject matter. Our Honors program is embedded in our College Preparatory courses. That is, students will stay in the same classes as a regular course, but they will have additional assignments including tests, quizzes, and projects. 


  • 9th Grade: Honors English, Honors Armenian, Honors Biology
  • 10th Grade: Honors English, Honors Armenian, Honors Chemistry
  • 11th grade: Honors English, Honors Armenian
  • 12th Grade: Honors English


Q: How can I take an Honors class?

A: Students interested in taking honors classes are required to take a test.  Placement into an Honors course will be determined during the first weeks of school upon completion of an assessment. More information will be provided to students by their teachers.


Q: Is there a Math Diagnostic Exam?

A: Yes, all new applicants are required to take a Math Diagnostic Exam.  You can sign up to take the exam here.


Q: Does Pilibos have a volunteer program/requirement?

A: Yes, through the Volunteer Program, students must perform 100 community service hours (off campus) and 20 service learning hours (on campus), which is part of our graduation requirement.


Q: Does Pilibos have student clubs? 

A: Yes, a myriad of school clubs are offered for students to participate in throughout the year. Students add new clubs every year as their interests expand and change. Some of the student-led clubs include Humanitarian Club, Publications Club, Environmental Club, STEAM, Armenian Club, Law Club, Art Club, etc. Click here for more information regarding our student clubs.


Q: Are there academic teams/competitions at Pilibos?

A: Pilibos offers the opportunity to participate in many academic competitions, including Model United Nations, Junior State of America, Mock Trial, Academic Decathlon, and Los Angeles County Science Fair.


Q: What athletic teams are there at Pilibos?

A: Pilibos is a member of CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). Our school offers co-ed athletics in the following sports: cross-country, track & field, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and tennis.  You can find more information here.


Q: Do students go on class trips?

A: Yes, our 9th-12th grade students participate in trips and retreats as a class to further their learning, strengthen their bonds with their classmates, and provide opportunities otherwise not available in a classroom environment.

  • 9th Grade: Leadership Retreat at AYF Camp
  • 10th Grade: Team Building Retreat at Pali Camp
  • 11th Grade: Pilgrimage to Armenia
  • 12th Grade: Reflection Retreat at AYF Camp


Q: What are some examples of universities that seniors are accepted into?


A: Students have been accepted into such universities as Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, University of Chicago, Wesleyan, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCI, UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, Boston University, Reed College, Hampden-Sydney College, George Washington, USC, Cal State Northridge (and all other CSUs), Southern New Hampshire University, Occidental College, Loyola Marymount University, Pepperdine, and more. For more information on all Pilibos has to offer, view our School Profile.