College Counseling


Choices, Challenges, and Beyond
The college counseling program at Pilibos is a robust program that begins to prepare students for life after high school as early as the middle school years. Early on, Middle School students are exposed to various expectations and requirements of the college preparatory program, academic opportunities, and beyond. Through study skills workshops, university tours, college advisers, test prep specialists, and one on one advisory meetings, students are provided with valuable tools and opportunities to effectively facilitate their post-secondary educational dreams and plans.

High school students are guided by an academic adviser and a college counselor who are responsible for overseeing the academic, social, and emotional success of each student and acting as the primary liaison between families and the school. The Center for Student Success (CSS) is committed to supporting students and parents on each important step of the way on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery. From the introspective beginnings of the search, to collaborating and identifying appropriate college choices, to encouraging students as they put their best foot forward in their applications, and finally, to listening, guiding and supporting students as they make their decisions on where to attend, the CSS takes pride in its personalized attentiveness to the needs and care of each student. The ultimate goal is to foster students’ academic, intellectual and personal growth and to empower them to take ownership of the college process and ultimately their futures.
For more detailed information, please refer to the grade level brochures:
Freshman Sophmore Brochure Junior Brochure Senior Brochure