Mindfulness Program

Practicing mindfulness provides Pilibos Scholars the opportunity to attend to the present moment and escape the "what-ifs" of the past and future. Through the deep breathing, students are forced to pause and really focus on the present. Ultimately, the proactive framework enhances student learning and positive behavior, bringing out the best in each scholar.
The practice of Mindfulness originated from the Hawn Foundation and Scholastic developed a MindUp curriculum that implements lessons that emphasizes the importance of students understanding how the brain works, being mindfully aware, aware of senses, individual mindset and taking mindful actions within society. The framework is designed to incorporate the Core Practice of deep breathing. Through the Core Practice, students are able to practice self-regulation and control, which can better prepare them for learning.
At Pilibos, all students, K-12 practice Mindfulness throughout their school day, whether in class, on the playground or at home.  This practical method of re-focusing is yet another tool Pilibos Scholars have as a resource for success.