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Supply List

The start of school is always an exciting time, as is supply shopping for a new year! You may use these lists to prepare for school.  We made it easy for you to find everything in one place using  You do not need to buy from here, however, whatever purchases you make using instead of or any other site, Pilibos will receive a percentage of your spending as a donation.  All you need to do is register Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School (see directions below) as your charity organization one time, and from that point on, all purchases on Amazon should be made through the website.  It's that simple!


TK & Kindergarten


1st Grade


2nd Grade


3rd grade


4th Grade


5th Grade


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not add Rose and Alex Pilibos School as your charity organization and always use (instead of a percentage of your purchases will NOT be donated to Pilibos. Remember to always SMILE :)


Happy Shopping!