Special Events

While rich in vision and ideals, Pilibos has depended—and continues to depend—on the generosity of our benefactors. The School must grow its endowment and funding to preserve its ability to provide a rigorous and engaging academic experience and allow for meticulous planning to ensure a brilliant future.

Pilibos has never been about just us. It has always been about we. And together, there is no limit to what we can do. Your gift to The Half Century Campaign provides much-needed financial assistance to ensure that access to a Pilibos education is available to all highly motivated and qualified students. In addition, annual fund gifts bridge the gap between what the school receives in tuition and what it actually costs to educate bright minds, keeping tuition costs to a minimum. It also supports the funding for many valuable programs on campus that make the Pilibos experience unique.

Throughout the year, the School organizes various fundraising events to help with these endeavors.  Events such as the Walkathon and the Annual Banquet serve as fun and collaborative events that help raise much needed funds and involve our community as a whole.
With your support and commitment, Pilibos will continue to be a place Where Futures Take Flight. 

Half Century Campaign - Pilibos 2017 from Pilibos on Vimeo.