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Although we will begin the school year with Stage 1 - Distance Learning, our ultimate goal is to move to Stage 3 - Traditional Learning, full reopening, as quickly as possible.  This can only be done with parent, student, and community cooperation and partnership as well as approval from the necessary State and County agencies.


We strongly encourage each family to read the information outlined here, weigh the implications as it pertains to them, and continue to take every precaution to protect their family and loved ones.


Pilibos is prepared for our instructional model to change or to be modified at any point in time over the next academic year. Our families need to be prepared for the possibility of such changes, and agree to abide by the School's decisions as those changes occur. Let's continue to build our strong partnership and support one another throughout this tumultuous time. We thank you ahead of time for your continued unconditional support of and trust in Pilibos.





Students and teachers
will engage in virtual
only classes, activities,
and events.
Students will have both
in-person and distance
learning schedule.
Students may opt to
continue with only
distance learning.
Students will return to School
in a model that is similar to
pre-pandemic conditions
with minor adjustments.





Students and teachers will engage in virtual classes, activities, and events.

We are continuing to develop a more robust distance learning program, which will include new programming, a full school day schedule, as well as activities and events that will promote the social-emotional well-being of our Scholars.


Each Faculty member will have their own website, which will consist of everything necessary for their Scholars' learning, such as links to Google Classroom, Zoom session invitations, syllabi, assignments, resources, and more. 


Our goal is to make the distance learning landscape as intuitive and comprehensive as possible for all stakeholders - students, parents, and faculty.


It is important to note that the information, guidelines, and protocols presented within our Resiliency Plan may change in accordance with changes in the public health situation and local, State, and Federal guidelines and policies. In moving to a hybrid learning model, we will continue to accommodate all Pilibos families that choose to continue with only distance learning. Once we have been deemed to enter Stage 2 - Hybrid Learning, we will offer our families the opportunity to choose the option of in-person or continued distance learning.





Our return to School Hybrid Learning model will be staged and staggered, ultimately consisting of:

  • Small stable groups
  • Monday-Friday in-person learning schedule with several courses continuing to be taught remotely
  • When appropriate, Scholars will be invited to campus for additional curricular and co-curricular activities and events.


Stage 2 - Hybrid Learning will allow for K-6th Grade Scholars to return to campus in a staged and staggered timeline. The Hybrid Learning model consists of having students in small stable groups, or groups, on campus that would remain together in the same classroom and outdoor areas throughout the day.  The stable group will engage in their learning, breaks, lunch, and other activities together, with no inter-mingling with other groups.


When deemed appropriate, we will shift to Stage 3 - Traditional Learning to allow for an adjusted “pre-pandemic” model 



School arrival and departure

Regardless of when students arrive on campus, upon entering, they will be required to go to their first period class.  Once the day is complete, students must be picked up during the Pick-Up window times.  We ask for strict adherence to this schedule.  In the cases of siblings, we will make those accommodations as necessary.

Drop-off and Pick-up will also follow a drive-through model on campus that is directed and manned by faculty and staff. Please refer to this video for more information.


Pilibos Full Return




Our Ultimate Goal!


Students will return to School in a model that is similar to pre-pandemic conditions with minor adjustments, which will be made in accordance to State and County Health Officer orders. Class sizes will be adjusted to pre-pandemic sizes and will follow our regular bell schedule.