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Service Learning

Service Learning is a vital part of the high school experience at Pilibos. However, it starts much earlier than that.  We encourage our Middle School students to begin their journey of service within the school campus and activities throughout the year.  By the time a student graduates in 8th grade they would have to complete 20 service learning hours. Students are encouraged to expand their parameters, gain valuable experiences, and cultivate relationships within their immediate school community. Service Learning offers students the opportunity to support and provide positive change within the school.
Students can help in a variety of ways:
  • mentoring younger students
  • assisting coaches with games/practices after school
  • organizing and aiding various school committees and events
  • organizing games for the elementary students at recess/lunch
  • assisting the Main Office
  • assisting the Center for Student Success
  • reading to elementary students in the library or their classrooms
  • and much more...