Mission, Vision, Core Values



At Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School, our curriculum and programs create an educational environment designed for students to develop and practice the School's core values of EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, HERITAGE, COMMUNITY, and UNITY.



Excellence is a cherished and valued principle at Pilibos.  A culture of learning, innovating, and collaborating is created to further provide opportunities for excellence. As such, special attention is given to the rigorous curriculum, offering advanced placement and honors courses in high school, as well as ensuring that all courses are certified by the Regents of the University of California.  

Through numerous programs, including academic and guidance counseling, differentiated instruction, extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, and community service programs, students are given opportunities to go beyond any set expectations and embody extraordinary scholarship.

The School's mission is to guide students to become productive members of society, who will make valuable contributions to their local communities, and to the larger Armenian community. Pilibos encourages students to prepare for challenging futures by offering a quality education, continuous opportunities for growth and development, and a nurturing environment where students can achieve and excel in all their efforts.



A core value at Pilibos is Integrity. Rose and Alex Pilibos students demonstrate integrity and high moral character by adhering to ethical principles, acting honorably and assuring that there is consistency between their beliefs, words, and actions. Pilibos students safeguard their integrity and demonstrate their character by exercising the moral courage to do the right thing even when it is difficult or detrimental to their relationships or social standing.

Through character education programs for elementary school students and academic integrity practicums for middle and high school students, the School continuously strives to provide an atmosphere where integrity is valued, expected, and maintained every day. Here at Pilibos, we believe that when students are true to themselves, they can then fulfill their potential by building habits of mind and body that promote growth in knowledge, confidence, and leadership. By doing so, they nurture a desire for life-long learning, value honesty, and make a purposeful commitment to excellence in all areas of life.



Being committed to Excellence and Integrity is only the beginning of what it means to be a student at Pilibos. The Armenian heritage, culture, language, and history are an integral part of a student’s education. When committed to their heritage, students are able to make vital and organic connections to their culture, education, identity, and future endeavors.

With Hye Tahd education, occasions for political awareness and engagement, advocacy days, Armenian Cultural celebrations, and more, students are given a deep rooted understanding of the past, present, and future.





Pilibos students are committed to helping others. Student’s commitment to Community emphasizes their need to go above and beyond what is expected of them. Students at Pilibos have recognized the importance of being a part of something greater than themselves and as a result accept responsibility for sustaining the world around them, from our campus, to our local communities, to the larger Armenian Diaspora, and ultimately to the global community. Through leadership opportunities, community involvement, service learning, volunteer work, and more, students are encouraged and expected to go beyond our walls in service and became active members of society who can initiate change, lead progress, and ultimately make a difference.



The core value of unity is contemplated multi-facedly. Unity of school spirit and culture, Armenian culture, local communities and Armenian communities abroad are all components of the level of connections and relationships established within the education and culture in Pilibos. Students work together in class, at home, during special projects, with other organizations on similar goals and initiatives, and more. These relationships are encouraged and nurtured throughout their experience as a Pilibos student.

Senior Projects, volunteer work, in-service learning, experiential education, collaborative efforts with outside organizations like AYF, ARS, Homenetmen, and others are only examples of some of the variety of opportunities for students to unite to bring their knowledge, experiences, creativity, and imagination into fruition.