Gymnasium Renovation Project 2024


The Nerses Tashdjian Gymnasium transcends its physical form, acting as the heart of our School community.


From graduations, art shows, and athletic events to school-wide assemblies, Hye Tahd conferences, and rock concerts, our Gymnasium serves as the epicenter of our bustling campus. It is the cornerstone of every academic year, welcoming Scholars on their first day of School and bidding them farewell at graduation. It's not just a space for physical activity; it's a stage where our collective spirit thrives. Here, the cheers of athletic victories ignite our school pride, while cultural performances paint the walls with vibrant expressions of our Scholars' diverse talents. It's where we celebrate momentous occasions, marking milestones and forging lasting memories.


School Gym

The Gymnasium serves a greater purpose - to bring us together.

The Air Conditioning project is well underway with electrical plans having already been submitted to the LADWP. The scope of the project, however, is more complex than simply installing AC condensers. The undertaking involves a complex set of financial challenges, all of which are certainly attainable with your assistance. These expenses include, but are not limited to, bringing additional power to the building from our transformers, trenching of the concrete to run conduits, upgrading the gym’s electrical panel, removal of the existing cooler pumps from the roof, cost of a crane to install the large condensers on the roof, the expense of the condensers itself, running ductwork throughout the building, and repairing the roof thereafter.
Once the Air Conditioning system is installed, our priorities will shift to the removal and replacement of the outdated Gymnasium floor, which is showing significant signs of wear and tear. 
The anticipated cost of both projects is approximately $400,000.00.
All gifts, both large or small, help Pilibos achieve its mission. Together, we can elevate the experience of everyone who attends the diverse events that take place in this multi-use facility.
For sponsorship opportunities, please visit our 54th Anniversary Banquet webpage
Donor Appreciation
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors, Dr. Paul & Talia Kaloostian Family, Albert and Terry Bezjian, and Hagop & Haiguhi Daglian, for their invaluable support towards the Gymnasium Renovation Project 2024!