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Lunch at Pilibos is catered through TotPot, an artisanal "kids' kitchen" dedicated to creating and cooking healthy home-style farm-to-pot meals exclusively for children. Their freshly-prepared food is made with organic produce and free of any harmful additives and preservatives.


  • Hand crafted foods that contain all natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients
  • Antibiotic and hormone free poultry and dairy
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No preservatives
The Menu
Combo Menu (Entrée + Side + Fruit + Water or Milk )
Choose from 3 entrees, 4 sides, & 2 Fruit options daily
A La Carte Menu
Hot & Cold Entrees |​ Salads ​| Sandwiches | Wraps ​| Sushi Rolls ​| Snacks | ​Smoothies | Drinks ​| Desserts | Something for everyone!