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Story of Us ~ Mr. Mourad Shahinian

“I grew up in a very poor family because my parents came to Lebanon as orphans from Sepastia. I saw the struggles that they went through to make things happen for their kids; education and the wellbeing of their children was always of utmost importance. Growing up with education as a priority developed certain characteristics in me that  time would not change.

Belonging to organizations like Homenetmen. պատանեկան միութիւն (the equivalent of our AYF), and later ARF also developed a character in me that can be best described with the նշանաբան (motto)՝ բարձրաձիր եւ բարձրաձուր, uplift and heighten others along with you. That was very important to me and defined the rest of my life.

We were a very small community in Lebanon, but we were the cream of the crop of the entire country because our parents believed in educating their kids at all costs. Basically, they withheld lavish food on the table in order to have enough money to educate their children. The commitment to education along with the successes we were afforded by coming to this country, allows me to live a good life and enjoy my family, friends, and community. My life in Lebanon and America have inspired me to constantly look after and help the community, especially  our Armenian schools. Since I am now retired, I have some spare time on my hands so I can afford to help without neglecting the things I am obligated to do.  I enjoy spending my time at Pilibos to help out any way I can.”


by Talia Boyadjian