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"The Story of Us" ~ Baron Natan


The fruit was fresh and organic, not like today’s modified ones you eat. My favorite to eat were the peaches because they were so refreshing.

I remember my village, I remember my friends, I remember my childhood. Iran back then, under the Shah, was an Iran I will never encounter again. Oh, how we would run around and play; you should have seen it. You would not understand even if you tried. Imagine the warm feeling in your heart when you remember the excitement of a family get-together where you could play with your cousins; that was how I felt each and every day. They were my friends, but we were a family. A handful of us, youngsters, would run around outside and play in the village. Our parents would not worry, for there was trust within our community — a concept you would, unfortunately, not understand. 

I loved when there was a wedding in the village. We would all rejoice and party together. The groom would throw an apple from one of the home’s roof and whoever caught it was considered the lucky one, similar to your tradition of throwing the bride’s bouquet. 

The best days were when my friends and I would swim in the river and even go fishing there. It makes my heart sad to see that children today are too immersed in the world of technology and do not realize the beauty around them. As children, we expanded our imaginations by thinking up new games to play with what little we had.

Life was not too easy, though. My father worked all day to keep us fed and we were not exposed to the luxury you are exposed to. However, our souls were truly happy. We were not living in a material world. We were simply happy families enjoying what we had.