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Academic Integrity

     This week Pilibos Scholars reviewed the qualityof integrity and its significance in their studies. More importantly, they were reminded that integrity is also woven into their actions. As contributing members of the Pilibos community, and future contributing members of the world, integrity plays a vital role in how our scholars think, act, learn, and succeed. By implementing this standard through academics, Pilibos provides a model in representing the American and Armenian communities.
     Mrs. Mashelle Kirkman and Mrs. Patil DerHovagimian discussed plagiarism and ethics with the scholars, shaping their understanding of how they are expected to carry themselves as students, athletes, peers, and individuals in the community. As in any classroom, students were assessed on their understanding following the discussion. According to the students, it was a helpful and informative assembly.
     Pilibos Scholars were reminded that integrity and ethics—the principles governing our behavior—coexist in all our choices. Whether they decide to help by doing work for others, or if they choose to help by teaching others, every action reflects what they know and who they are.
     At Pilibos, we strive to teach scholars not only how to think but also how to be in the world.