The First Day of Our Journey


At Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School, the message for the 2016-17 academic year of “It’s Your Journey” reverberated around campus with posters, banners, speeches, and words of advice that all revolved around the idea of the Journey.  On August 15, 2016, Principal. Dr. Alina Dorian addressed the ever impressive and growing crowd of students, parents, teachers, and community members during the first day of school opening ceremony.   


In her opening remarks, she stressed the importance of the journey in all stages of academic life – whether it’s the start of the Kindergarteners academic career, the start of High school for our Freshmen, the start of Senior year, or the beginning of college for our alumni.  Success is not measured by outputs, but by the effort, passion, and dedication to our work.  The work here is our children and their futures, which makes the journey of striving for excellence and achieving greatness all the more imperative. 

The crowd listened with interest as Dr. Dorian continued to speak of deliberate optimism as a driving force in all we do.  “Have deliberate optimism in all you do and take charge of your own destiny, of your life's journey.” Dr. Dorian was followed by St. Garabed Church Pastor Fr. Vicken Vassillian whose well wishes and message for the year was as always stirring and inspiring.   

Finally, parents saw their eaglets off to their classes, frequently turning back to wave one last goodbye to their children.  Pilibos Scholars walked hand in hand, side by side to their classes to start the first day of their journey as Dr. Dorian stressed once again that this is “not just your journey, but Our Journey!  We are excited to see all that we will do with it!”