Student Council

IMG_0695.JPGStudent Government

The Pilibos Student Council has existed for more than twenty years. During the last twenty years, it has grown and become a model for other schools to follow. The purpose of the Student Council is to assist the School Administration and to set an example for the entire student body through leadership and student government. Furthermore, the Pilibos Student Council teaches how to become better leaders and contributing citizens.

The Pilibos Student Council also has a great role in instilling in the student body not only the Pilibos spirit, but the Armenian spirit as well. The Student Council accomplishes its duties by preparing a yearly agenda, which upon approval by the School Administration, is implemented throughout the academic year. The Student Council organizes social, educational, athletic, and fundraising activities. These activities collectively help establish the spirit of camaraderie that is cornerstone of the Pilibos family.

The Pilibos Student Council operates under a Constitution and a set of Bylaws mandated by the School Administration. Nine members form the Executive Cabinet of the Council, which serves as the highest authority in the body. Elections for Student Body President, Vice-President, and Executive cabinet are held in the month of June, prior to the next school year. Class representatives are elected in the first months of the academic school year in which they serve.

The 2016-2017 Executive Cabinet is comprised of the following officers:

President:  Sevana Manoukian - 12th Grade

Vice President: Anush Kirakossian - 12th Grade

Social Committee:  Ashley Berberian - 12th Grade

Social Committee:   Lily Koucherian- 11th Grade 

Social Committee:   Soseh Thomasian- 10th Grade

Public Relations Committee:  Anita Ayrapetyan - 12th Grade

Public Relations Committee:  Tamar Nalbandian - 11th Grade

Public Relations Committee:  Ara Yacoubian - 10th Grade

Finance Committee:  Vahn Kurkjian - 11th Grade  

Finance Committee:  Aleeque Marselian - 11th Grade

Finance Committee:  Nshan Blikian - 10th Grade