Prelate Visits Pilibos


Our journey started with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian. On Thursday, August 18th, His Eminence spent the morning with the Pilibos students. His visit began at Postoian Preschool, where he watched our children play and interact with one another. When he crossed the street, he was greeted by our senior scholars who presented to him words by which we live by: “This is your journey, wonder and wander”, «Ուղիդ է սա, եղի՛ր կամքիդ տէրը», “this is your journey, soar to new heights”.

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As he took his tour around our campus, there was a surprise behind every corner. Armen Shahinyan performed Armenian music while Angela Yakhszyan dressed in traditional, Armenian costume with Kristina Galumashvilli presented to him bread and salt to bless. The 1st grader students were all smiles and eager to share their goals for this upcoming school year when the Archbishop visited their classroom. The sophomores confidently vowed “to speak and have their voices heard” as Pilibos students for the entire world to hear. During their reading time in the library, the kindergartners were overjoyed to be able to narrate «Աստուած Օգնական» to our special guest. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian’s last stop was to the 4th grade classroom. There he heard the proud voices of the students as they recited «Հայ Դպրոց» and «Արարատին».

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This is only a glimpse into the journey we, at Pilibos, are going to embark on this year. We are grateful that His Eminence came to visit and are looking forward to welcoming many guests to our school.