Pilibos Students Try Harissa

On Tuesday, October 10, Pilibos scholars were treated to a pleasant surprise during snack when the teachers handed out homemade harissa to the students.

The harissa was meant to commemorate the Musaler resistance during the Armenian Genocide. During the courageous forty day defense while Armenians courageously defended their identity and land, they ate harissa as a way to maintain strength and energy. Over a hundred years later, harissa remains as a trademark Armenian food. Even though harissa has been a tradition on Musaler Commemoration Day for years, some Pilibos scholars had never tried harissa before.

After the harissa was passed out, most students admitted the harissa’s flavor took some getting used to, but afterwards responded with excitement and warmth, giving the meal positive reviews across the board. Juniors Savannah Minassian and Sebou Ourfalian agreed that harissa was more hearty, but was great nonetheless. Some of the pros, such as junior Natalie Abouchian, talked about how seasoning the harissa with red pepper and cumin makes the dish even better. Whether plain or with seasoning, during war or peace, harissa brings the Armenian people together once again through good times and good food.

by Nayiri Artounians

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