Pilibos Implements a Schoolwide Initiative: MINDFULNESS

IMG_9869.JPG"The brain is command central."  Isn't that what we learn in school?  The brain is the hub of the central nervous system.  Not only our brain, but our mind is what sets us apart from all other animals.  And if the brain is command central, then shouldn't we utilize our brain to control how we feel, think, work, and act?

That is exactly what is taught through the mindfulness program at Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School.  At the start of the 2016-17 year, our scholars were introduced to the idea of mindfulness and the impact if could potentially have on their every day lives. Practicing mindfulness provides students the opportunity to attend to the present moment and escape the "what-ifs" of the past and future.  

The Hawn Foundation and Scholastic developed a MindUp curriculum that implements lessons around the following factors: social awareness, emotional awareness, enhancing psychological well being, and promoting academic achievement )Scholastic, 2011).  The curriculum emphasizes the importance of students understanding how the brain works, being mindfully aware, aware of senses, individual mind-set and taking mindful actions within society.  The framework is designed to incorporate the Core Practice of deep breathing.  Through the Core Practice, students are able to practice self-regulation and control, which can better prepare them for learning.

Through the deep breathing, students are forced to pause and really focus on the present.  Ultimately, the proactive framework enhances student learning and positive behavior, bringing out the best in each scholar.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or are unable to focus, just ask your child what if means to be mindful.  They will be sure to provide you with some tips and tricks on how even you can Mind Up!


by Sevan Sherikian and Elo Antonyan