Pilibos at Model UN



By: Yelena Malkhasyan

On November 14, Pilibos students in the Model United Nations club took part in the 23rd annual Bruin Model United Nations at the beautiful UCLA campus. Participating in the Bruin MUN conference was a wonderful learning experience for all 22 members of the club. As delegates representing Malaysia and Sweden, Pilibos students contributed during debates, voted on various topics, and created resolutions with other countries. The delegates shaped new strategies and discussed different viewpoints on the topics. In addition, each of our delegates wrote position papers, which aimed to show each of their countries’ perspectives on the subjects. Each committee was able to share their distinct ideas and drafted resolutions with countries that had the same interests.

Through participating in this conference, Pilibos students were able to gain insight on global political issues and understand the role of the United Nations in the world. The Pilibos Scholars spoke in front of large crowds, which helped to dispell any fear of public speaking. The scholars were also able to meet other high school students from all across America, as well as some students who came from other parts of the world. Our delegates spoke about global and controversial issues pertaining to social, political, cultural, and humanitarian topics. Some of the topics this year included economic development in Africa, security in all regions of the world, censorship, access to energy in developing countries, and the rights of indigenous peoples.

The Model United Nations club at Pilibos is planning to partake in many more conferences during the year, including the conferences at UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley. We feel proud of our accomplishments at these conferences and hope to one day express our ideas in real world politics as true delegates and citizens of the world.