Shop + Donate 

There are many ways you can donate to Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School by just doing what you do anyway... SHOP! We are pleased to be participating in some of these rewards programs so that our everyday purchases can benefit Pilibos.

Each program works a bit differently, so please refer to the information below to learn more. We hope that with your help we can earn fundraising dollars and continue to improve and advance the programs at our School.

Happy Shopping!



Its Easy as 1-2-3-4

  1. Download the free Shoparoo App on your smartphone.
  2. Snap pictures of your receipts - Every Receipt Counts!
  3. Earn cash for our school - Shoparoo makes a donation for every receipt you submit
  4. Share with your friends - There’s strength in numbers, the more supporters we have, the more we earn



Most of us already have a Ralphs' Reward Card.  All you have to do is link your account to our School's NPO #81465. And that's it!



All your purchases on Amazon can help Pilibos!  Just follow the 3 easy steps, always make sure you shop from and start shopping!



Office Depot


Weather you are buying school supplies for your child or buying office supplies for your business, you can help our school earn free supplies. Follow these easy steps: 

  1. In-Person: At the time of purchase, mention our school, Alex Pilibos Armenian School or give the cashier our ID# 70010708
  2. Online: Visit ID#70010708
  3. 5% of your qualifying purchases will go toward free supplies for our school.

It's that easy!


Box Tops for Education