First Day of School as an Alumni

9Q4A0172.jpgA year ago from that day, wearing my white polo and navy blue skirt, I headed to my very “last first day” at Pilibos. I remember feeling excited and nervous, but most of all quite gloomy as the thought of it being my “last”, kept overtaking my happiness. On August 21, 2017 I found myself again attending Pilibos’ first day of school, but not as a student wearing a white polo and a navy blue skirt, but rather as an alumni. 

The warm, fuzzy feeling of being home was still in the air, the excitement was palpable, and seeing everyone continued to make me smile, as it always does. I thought I would feel some sort of sadness that day, with the thought of not waking up every morning, heading to class, and making memories and adventures out of every day on that campus, but Pilibos, as it always does, made me feel like no matter where I go and what I do, they would always be there for me, and it would always be my second home. 

As the assembly began, I caught a look in the bleachers, and saw my 14-year-old self on my first day of Pilibos four years ago, listening to the words of the speaker, and ironically, four years later that speaker was me. Talking to a crowd of Pilibos scholars, faculty, and administration who changed my life, and who have shaped me into the person I am today. Four years later I am surrounded by a family who supports me and shares this unconditional love, and I cannot help but stand there and wish to thank them. Thank them for creating this environment where every student is welcomed and is loved; where opportunities are endless and memories are unforgettable. I want to thank them for building this extroverted person out of an introverted self, and for continuing to do that with every student unknowingly. And as I look up in that crowd sharing one of my many favorite memories at this school, I know that before me sits hundreds of Brianna’s, who will return and speak as I did that day, thankful for everything Pilibos has done for them, and thank them for making them the person they are proud to be today. Though I am an alumni, I have never felt more close to Pilibos, and I have no doubt that wherever and whatever I do in life, I will always find myself on Alexandria, in my favorite place, surrounded by my forever family. 


Brianna Markarian




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