First Day of School


“Set Your Mind…”

By Ashley Berberian

​            One always seeks a fresh start, a new beginning, new possibilities in life.  As a junior at Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School, 

I am beginning this year with that intention – a fresh start – an opportunity to set my mind to do something new and amazing – even something life-altering! 

Returning to Pilibos after summer break, I assumed things would not be much different from the previous year.  However, as I walked the campus, I saw so many new faces, and in truth was overwhelmed by all the changes around me.  I was overcome by a feeling of duty to make sure all the new students not only felt welcome, but quickly felt a sense of belonging to our Pilibos family.

As is our tradition, we first gathered on campus, caught up on our summer adventures, and were able to meet some of the new students in Pilibos.  We then entered the gym to begin the first day’s morning assembly.  As students, teachers, administration, and parents watched, Senior students escorted the Kindergartners – our new Eaglets, down the steps onto the stage. With this procession, a new year had begun.

Our amazing Principal, Dr. Dorian's address was a powerful yet comforting message that captivated the entire audience. Her speech resonated words and ideas that will remain with us throughout the year, reminding us to be the best that we can be.  This year’s message is to “Set Your Mind…”  Students, parents, and teachers alike, were all asked to set our minds on our goals, on how we will make them a reality, and in essence how we are the ones who have the power to make all of our own dreams a reality.  From the first day of school, our Principal instilled in our minds and hearts to set our minds to make the impossible possible.  

With these words, I know I will work every moment to set my mind to do something significant and purposeful!  I know that all Pilibos students have to have felt the same after hearing Dr. Dorian’s inspiring speech and decided to pursue a similar path.  Most importantly, we all have to remember that obstacles and challenges will come our way in life; however, how we choose to overcome them is what sets us apart. Setting our minds to do great in any capacity provides us with infinite opportunities to not only improve our lives, but to leave a mark and set a path for others to follow.