As We Celebrate


Twenty-five years ago, the country of Armenia attained its independence.  As September 21st approaches, the vast Armenian community celebrates, as does Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School.

During the week long celebratory events, Pilibos students of varies age groups came together to commemorate the momentous event through many different activities.  One such activity was where students recognized the many villages in Armenia by representing them in a friendly basketball tournament.  Middle and High School students, boys and girls, and a total of eight teams, all laced up their sneakers, joined together, and played some fun and friendly basketball.  The villages of Ourfa, Van, Gareen, Daron, Ardahan, Sassoon, Moush, and Gars were represented.  With the unique aspect of being named after a village in Armenia, Pilibos scholars put their hearts and love for their country out on the court.  

A feeling of honor, pride, unity, and heritage permeated throughout the campus all week as students came together to rejoice and celebrate the 25th year of becoming an independent nation.  Along with the celebration, Pilibos Scholars continued to remember the sacrifices that led them to the free and independent Armenia of today.


by Levik Abrramians