Armenian Independence Day

IMG_0759.JPGIn true Pilibos fashion, the 25th Anniversary of Armenia’s second independence was celebrated by our students the only way they know how - with lots of heart, lots of talent and lots of fervor. Among all the wonderful festive decorations students were dressed in traditional Armenian attire and the lower elementary scholars in their patriotic red, blue and orange t-shirts.

A magnificent celebratory show was organized that was the perfect combination of Armenian spirit, our Scholars’ talents, and most importantly their commitment to their School and heritage.  As an added bonus, the Pilibos High School choir debuted as they gave us a sneak peak of what to expect for the October 1st performance for his Holiness Aram I. Through dance, song, and various performances, all scholars showed off some of their incredible talent. The performance was a great reflection of not only our Armenian unity, but also our Pilibos family.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the celebration and made us proud to be a part of the Pilibos family.

by Lara Yacoubian