AP Placement Exams

AP Placement Exams

All high school students interested in taking AP courses next year must register for an AP Placement Exam for each course. If you have not already done so, please register for the AP Placement Exams as soon as possible by going to https://machform.pilibos.org/view.php?id=15098

All AP Placement Exams will occur on June 7, 2017 and June 8, 2017. The specific date, time, and location of each exam is identified below.

Please find below links to the student study packets for each AP Placement Exam as well.  

AP Human Geography - 9th Grade (June 7, 9:00am, Room 201/203)

AP Psychology - 10th Grade (June 7, 9:00am, Room 202/204)

AP Modern European History - 10th grade (June 7, 11:30am, Room 201)

AP Chemistry - 11th Grade (June 8, 9:00am, Room 206)

AP US History - 11th Grade (June 8, 11:30am, Room 202/206)

AP Language - 11th Grade (June 7, 9:00am, Room 301/303)

AP Biology - 11th Grade (June 7, 10:15am, Room 204)

AP Literature - 12th Grade (June 8, 9:00am, Room 201/203)

AP Physics / AP Physics Videos - 12th Grade (June 8, 10:15am, Room 202)

AP Environmental Science - 12th Grade (June 7, 9:00am, Room 206)

AP Government - 12th Grade (June 7, 10:15am, Room 301/303)

AP Calculus - 12th Grade (June 8, 11:30am, Room 201)

AP Statistics - 12th Grade (June 7, 11:30am, Room 202)