Academic Integrity Workshop at Pilibos

IMG_0080.JPGIn order to be an exemplary scholar, it is important for students to learn the fundamentals of academic integrity. Pilibos High School scholars recently had the opportunity to meet with Shant Shahoian, Director of Learning Services at Glendale Community College, and take part in an academic integrity workshop. 

During Mr. Shahoian’s visit, students learned vital information about what qualifies as plagiarism, as well as the effects it can have on their academic and professional careers. Within the last few years, technology has grown to become one of the most valuable resources for obtaining information. However, with such an overwhelming amount of information being so readily available, there is a huge deal of responsibly that comes with it in order to prevent students from using other peoples’ work as their own. With the help of Mr. Shahoian, Pilibos scholars learned how to properly cite sources, as well as how to ensure that their writing stems from their own ideas. Students also had the opportunity to get together in groups and answer a questionnaire that tested their knowledge of integrity in academics.

All of high school benefitted from the lessons being taught during the workshop. Freshmen who are just now starting to write academic essays based on research, as well as Sophomores and Juniors taking Writing for College or Research Writing classes have all been taught by their teachers the importance of citing work.  However, having the information reaffirmed, high school scholars now know all the intricacies involved with giving proper credit to the authors of other works. Seniors like me who are in the process of writing multiple essays for college applications also found the workshop to be extremely informative. 

Mr. Shahoian’s visit was both enlightening on some levels and helped emphasize the importance of academic integrity, the fundamentals of writing and citing properly, and ensured that students will follow proper academic guidelines throughout their school years and beyond.


By Lilit Zakarian


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