2016 Club Expo


The courtyard filled with students eagerly buzzing around one another, trying to get the best view of what’s before them. Tables covered in flyers, posters, and the rare sample of what can be expected in the year’s adventure of extra-curriculars. It was the introduction to it all, the 2016 Club Expo.

It was a busy lunch as students familiarized themselves with the options before them: Book Club, Philosophy Club, Poetry Club, JSA, Philanthropy Club, Public Health Club, Journalism Club, Math Club, Environmental Club, Fashion Club, Health Club , TED ED Club and more. One question was ardently asked by all: “What is your club about?”. Each club representative stood proud and ready, enthusiastically discussing their club’s purpose, goals, and outlook for the year ahead in the hopes of recruiting their peers. Middle and high school students collected the information each table had to offer, shuffling past the crowd of tables in conversations amongst themselves of how to fit the numerous club meetings into their busy schedules.

The Club Expo provides Pilibos scholars new and familiar opportunities to be creative, philanthropic, and educated leaders. They become involved in the school, as well as the local community and those abroad. The students’ passions are ignited, fueled by their independence within the club and by the satisfaction of pursuing a hobby or leaving a mark on the world they live in.

Each year students have the privilege to explore their academic interests outside the boundaries of their courses. The Club Expo proves that not all strengths are limited to the rigor of academics, but that individual interest, cause, and curiosity can open doors for Pilibos Eagles.


by Anita Tokatyan